About us

Corporate International, established in 2003, is an International Marketing firm, based at New Delhi and represents leading companies in India and abroad.

Corporate International assists companies in their Global pursuits and harnesses their distinctive strengths on one hand and brings value for money for the customer on the other by acting as the preferred strategic link between Importers and the respective factories helping them globalize their Business Strategies.

In the last DECADE since its inception, Corporate International has helped companies in a wide array of industries to successfully achieve their export and international marketing objectives.

We offer years of experience, a multitude of contacts and skilled staff and provide a full selection of services, including:

  • Initial market assessments.
  • Determining approximate potential sales volume in the target market.
  • Identifying the best potential customers, sales channels and sales leads.
  • Identifying duties, regulations and other restraints to trade.
  • Analyzing current and projected political and economic climate.
  • Identifying principal cost and risk factors in the Target Market.
  • Analyzing logistical and operational needs.
  • Brand localization, marketing and negotiation support.
  • Forging partnerships for sustainable business.
  • Private Label development.
  • Logistics support
The value that we deliver to clients, is making market entry cost less by executing it faster, than clients can on their own.

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